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Rock Activities

We offer a range of rock based outdoor activities including Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Ghyll Scrambling & Ridge Scrambling.

Ghyll scrambling

Also known as Gorge Walking this is the ultimate water & rock adrenalin. Scramble up a steep mountain river through, under and over rocks, waterfalls and gulleys stopping off to jump into rock pools and slide down waterfalls. Step up the adventure by adding in roped climbs and abseils down waterfalls in our canyoning adventure.

Rock Climbing

Get out onto a Lakeland crag (cliff) and have a go at climbing the rock face. You will be taught the skills of managing the safety rope, climbing techniques and how to descend back down. For more experienced climbers we offer advanced climbing and belaying techniques and an introduction to lead climbing.


It’s just that - abseiling or descending down the cliff face under your own steam. We take this classic adventure experience and add a few twists such as a lake side abseil into your canoe or off a 150ft overhanging cliff face. Of course those who want to 'try it out' for the first time we have some very accessible crags right on our doorstep ideal for novices! h3. Ridge scrambling p<>. Combining rock climbing with hill walking this is the ultimate mountain day out. Scramble up a high Lakeland crag with occasional roped support completing the day with a ridge decent back down into the valley.

Rock Activities quick overview

Sample only - for further details please contact us.

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