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How much do you charge?

All our courses are very reasonably and competitively priced. See individual activities & programmes for prices or contact us for details. If you are not happy with a price then please let us know and we will do our best to meet your requirements. Of course we still need to pay the bills at the end of the day (or at least one of them) so please be realistic!

What is included?

Technical equipment (i.e. canoes), personal safety equipment (i.e. harness & helmet), clothing (where appropriate), insurance, professional, friendly, qualified staff and a steaming hot drink of your choice! Fun and adventure is compulsory!

How safe is it?

By their very nature all outdoor activities carry an inherent risk but then again so does stepping out of your own home! Your safety is our utmost priority and we ensure all measures have been taken to minimise risk whilst still providing a fun and adventurous experience. Of course if being padded in cotton wool is more your thing then perhaps outdoor adventure isn’t quite for you!

What about poor weather?

Ah, the great British weather! We apologise now for the unpredictability of the weather. We wish we were weather gods but we’re not so instead we work on the things we can change such as your comfort, high quality clothing, motivated staff, alternative venues or activities and, of course, that steaming hot drink!!

How challenging will it really be?

At Reach Beyond Adventure we believe in you and your potential. We live by the philosophy that everything is achievable with the appropriate support, professional expertise and a positive environment. Using our expertise we will do our utmost to provide you with the opportunity for success however we will never force or coerce anyone inappropriately.

Where do the courses and activities take place?

We operate mainly in the Lake District and Dumfriesshire as we feel they offer the best there is in outdoor activity locations. However we can provide courses and experiences practically anywhere in the UK. Contact us with your requirements and we will endeavor to arrange a location to suit you.

Am I insured?

Reach Beyond Adventure holds a public liability insurance of £5 million in Adventure Activities by the Activities Industry Mutual. We also maintain a high standard of safe practice following guidelines as recommended by the Outdoor National Governing Bodies and we use our common sense! Click here for a copy of our Insurance Certificate »

Are staff qualified?

Staff hold either the relevant national qualification or have the equivalent level of experience sufficient for their activity specialism. We encourage staff to maintain their experience & qualifications and hold regular updates on our programmes and events. See our ‘qualifications’ section on the about us page.

Do I need to bring food or drink?

Some activities or courses include food and refreshments (see specific product pages for details). We will at the very least provide you with a hot or cold drink. Nearly all our refreshments are home baked and where possible we will use fair trade and organic products. Food is one of the most important basic needs and simply makes your day that bit more pleasant!

Do I need my own kit?

We will provide you with all the necessary specialist equipment for your chosen activity and may also provide clothing if it is deemed important for safety and comfort. For all other clothing we will provide you with a recommended kit list when you book. So it wont be necessary to go out and buy the latest apparel, toy or gadget unless you’re that fashion conscious!

Can kids come too?

Absolutely! Share the adventure with them and you’ll have an everlasting and memorable experience. Our activity pages specify which activities are appropriate for children but as a general rule we can take children from 8 years upwards. Some activities such as canoeing can be for all ages (our kids started canoeing at 1 ½ years) it just means Mum & Dad do more paddling! Children must be accompanied by at least one parent in most activities.

What are your bushcraft age restrictions?

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. The only exception to the rule is if they have previously attended one of our courses and we deem them competent enough to participate with limited adult supervision. In certain circumstances we may allow younger children to participate who will need to be supervised by an adult at all times. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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