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Camp Craft

Spend some quality time in the outdoors on our overnight courses

Bush camping

Bush camping provides you with a greater understanding of bushcraft adding to the fundamental tools & techniques of living outdoors by including an overnight experience. This course is ideal for those that want to spend quality time outdoors aquiring the skills needed to spend a comfortable night under the stars.

Sample programme:

Day one covers fundamental bushcraft and includes advanced shelter buidling and open fire techniques.

Day two includes:

  • Working with tools Sharpening tools and shaping /splitting wood
  • Friction fire lighting Bow drills
  • Camp fire gadgets Pot holders or other gadgets
  • Camp gadgets Knots, chairs, tables or other gadgets
  • Backwoods cooking Preparing and cooking fish or other food
  • May also include: Water purification, cordage and wild food

This course includes a bushcraft instructor, refreshments, food (lunch, dinner & breakfast) and technical kit such as knives, firelighting equipment etc. It does not include personal kit such as sleeping bags and waterproofs.


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