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We offer a range of exciting & authentic bushcraft, survival skills through fun & adventure whilst exploring & living in the outdoors.

You will learn real, practical skills that will stay with you for life. These skills can be taken away and used in a range of environments from camping trips with the family to Overnight Adventures or even aid you in a real survival situation!

We realise that whilst many people enjoy the amazing traditional skills demonstrated by our popular TV bushcraft heroes there is much to be gained from reconnecting with nature, bringing about a greater understanding and respect for the natural world.

The activities and programmes we offer are core Bushcraft Skills needed for living and surviving outdoors at thier most traditional and sustainable way where you will learn to live in the natural world, making the most of the resources that surround you.

Feel the thrill of starting a fire from friction alone or constructing your own shelter for a cosy night out. Try your hand at knife and axe skills and even construct your very own camp gadget or tool. Adults and kids alike will love the skills and activities that make up the world of bushcraft.

You could even combine other adventure activities with bushcraft skills to form a Bush Journey or day out with a difference. From overnight canoe trips to multi-day journeys the possibilities are endless.

Bushcraft, also known as backwoods camping, woodland survival, woodcraft or wilderness survival is a skill that will stay with you for life!

Browse through our courses or contact us for more details: 01768 483867