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Bushcraft Skills

Aquire some traditional bushcraft skills on our 1 day courses.

Fundamental Bushcraft

Fundamental Bushcraft introduces you to the core skills & techniques of bushcraft and survival. This course is the first first step on your journey into the world wood lore and outdoor living. During this time you will learn how to safely use a knife, saw and axe, how to light a fire without matches, how to construct an emergency shelter, how to cook over a fire and many other skills.

Sample programme:

  • The outdoors person Approaches to using your natural surroundings
  • Cutting tools Knife, axe and saw techniques
  • Firelighting Flint fire lighting and other methods
  • Cooking Preparing & cooking a simple meal
  • Shelter building Constructing a debris shelter from natural materials
  • May also include Basic navigation & tracking

This course includes a bushcraft instructor, refreshments, lunch and technical kit such as knives, firelighting equipment etc. It does not include personal kit such as sleeping bags and waterproofs.


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