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Bush Journeys

Combine bushcraft skills with a journey over land or water and experience the ultimate bushcraft adventure!

Overland journeys (by foot)

Pack your bag with the just the essential equipment and take to the hills journeying over remote terrain by day and camping amongst nature at night. These courses will take you to some of the more remote places in the Lake District where you will learn to live like a traditional bushman.

Lakeland journeys (by canoe)

Take to the water by canoe journeying through spectacular lakeland scenery and camping on the shores cooking your meal in the glow of a lakeside fire.

These courses combine the fundamental bushcraft course with camp craft and either hillwalking or canoeing. We provide everything from canoes to food and shelter. You make the adventure!

Please note: These courses take place over several days which can be long and highly physical which, although very demanding, is ultimitaely rewarding.

Contact us to book your course or for further information: 01768 483867